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About Spoorthy Security & allied services Pvt.Ltd

Spoorthy security services started its operations on 05th June 2007. In 13 years, we have crossed a total strength of over 1200 persons (as on date). The steady growth over the years is a result of alertness, honesty, physical fitness, commitment, professionalism, good communication & ability to serve client needs.

In today’s demanding business ambiance, there is an unprecedented risk of espionage and Pilferage, in order to gain disloyal advantage. The competitors may use any weakness of your security to their advantage. Spoorthy Security & Allied Services Pvt. Ltd. Group will make you conquer your insecurity by our security professionals who work round the clock towards the common objective of protecting your valuable assets and property.

Empanelled by KEONICS to outsource temporary staff to various government organisations through out Karnataka.


REGISTRATION NO: 48/198/CE/0148/2012
PF CODE NO : KN/BN/43097
ESI CODE NO : 53-26167-101
PSARA NO: ISD/PSA-329/2012
PT NO: 156800164
KSSA NO: 489
ISO 102194/A/0001/UK/En
NSIC NSIC/GP/PEEE/2018/62828/364
MSME KRO3D0055360
MSME-2 KRO3D0056360


Service before self

Respect for the law

Respect for people

Commitment to professionalism

Honesty and Integrity in all we say and do


Our Aim

Our basic Aim is to provide total security and Manpower solutions to our clients so that they are relieved of all the hazards of security and other related problems. We provide effective supervisory staff who is responsible for keeping them always alert and well disciplined

Our Vision

To become a greatest service organization & a leading provider of security & allied services with best quality.

Our network of security personnel is positioned over 150 locations including govt. Installations, multinationals, corporate houses, apparel exports etc. We believe training our personnel plays a key role in maintaining the standard & quality of our services.

Our Mission

Spoorthy security services mission is to continuously initiate new benchmarks and standards within the service industry. Through ongoing commitment to service standard, the company aims to:

Drive transformation in the organisation at all levels.

Adopt outstanding employee management practices which promote a positive work environment.

Encourage & reward participation, responsibility and ownership by employees.

Maintain high level of professional training and resources for our employees.

Initiate programs which deliver excellence to the client and our people.

Be not only the employer of choice but the supplier of choice for security services


Why Spoorthy ?


Operatives: 1200 members

Support Personnel: 100

Active Members: 1200 as on 01-01-2020

Let our professional service be your protection! In today’s rough social climate, there is an undisputed requirement for security representative and personal protection officers in order to secure the goods and individuals from unscrupulous segments of the society. Our organization, offers the security services, Pre and Post-Employment Verifications and Asset Verification to the best of our capabilities and we also provide covert protection if specially requested.

The choice of the right security agency is not less important than the choice of any other key member of your staff. Only the most successful candidates from the organization will be enrolled as security agents. The organizational curriculum also includes intensive training in defensive tactics, practical exercises and the use of firearms as well. Several tests are administrated in all arenas, during the training period, to monitor the progress of each student.

We know that there is nothing called "a standard client". Every client has specific needs and demands that must be calculated with, when the security planning are outlined. All our solutions are tailor-made to the most rigorous demands. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when working with our bodyguards.

In addition to the above, Spoorthy security & Allied services has been empanelled by KEONICs to outsource manpower services to various Government departments throughout Karnataka

Empanelled by KEONICS to outsource temporary staff to various government organisations through out Karnataka.


Our Strengths

We believe that our personnel are our core strength. The efficiency and quality of our services therefore, are assured and so is your security

Our Network of security personnel is positioned over 150 locations including Govt. installations, multinationals, corporate houses, Apparel exports etc. We believe training our personnel plays a key role in maintaining the standard & quality of our services.


We perform our professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles and never be guilty of conduct which will bring reproach upon our profession.

We ensure that the services offered by us are adequately secure and to protect privacy and to guard against inadvertent Pilferage of private information. We ensure that all our employees adhere to this Code of Ethics and accept responsibility thereof.

To work together with our entire client towards the achievement of the highest professional objectives and to observe the principles of truth, accuracy and prudence.


Spoorthy Security Group offers professionals of the highest standards. A detailed background check and skills assessment, during which all employees’ previous history regarding protective skills, planning ability and people skills, were done before employment. All employees were highly trained former Ex Service men and Military members and were trained in VIP \ Executive Protection\ other duties. These employees provide protective services in Government and private agencies.



We, as Spoorthy Security Group Limited, provide training of the highest standards to personnel employed as protectors, in both Government services as well as with the private sector. We offer a variety of specialist training courses. Training is an ongoing process to keep the personnel aware of his responsibilities.

We offer rigorous training to our men in industrial security, conformity of C -TPAT Regulations, first-aid, fire-fighting and a host of other allied disciplines that gives our men advantage over others.

Our Training comprises the physical aspects of security such as armed and unarmed combat, the elements of gate control, perimeter patrolling system, fire-fighting, first aid, maintenance of documents relevant to security & detection. This helps them acquire the much needed professionalism which they might otherwise lack.

In addition to the above we have trained Data entry operators, DME, stenographers, gardeners and other clerical staff to cater for the Government departments.