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Integrated Facilities Management

With constant change in living and work space patterns, technology interventions are becoming a mandatory norm. The stress on builders and occupiers and service providers is increasing due to health and safety measures that have become challenging over the years. Thus, the need for solutions that fully integrate with IoT interventions & provide tangible and real data visualization for users is a must. Today a resident / MC or Facility Manager should feel secure with all interventions that are available. Facility management also has to infuse sustainability in energy management, water and sewage treatment.

SPOORTHY uses a successful IWMS (Integrated Workspace Management Systems) strategy to connect its management, employees and assets at locations with IoT to optimize consumption and use. Options may be to manage and even suggesting using recycling and upcycling at the work or living space. Apart from managing what the client has, we go a step ahead in suggesting energy efficiency, maintenance management, renewable energy integration and optimization of other building technologies.

For our overall Integrated Facilities Management intervention, we use all aspects of manpower expertise to cover electrical, plumbing, housekeeping, security, gardening, elevator, fire and safety, water and sewage treatment & electronic surveillance.

Services under Integrated Facilities include


Treating sewage or waste water from buildings will reduce the harmful effluents when discharged. Once the water is treated, it can be reused for flushing the toilets, water for garden and areas where it is not used for human consumption. This means a huge saving in water consumption especially in areas that have density of people living.


Apartment complexes and commercial buildings obtain water from a variety of sources - bore wells or tankers. Many times the water has contents above the BIS-10500 standard which is unfit for human consumption. The hardness of the water will also be high and cause problems like scaling of hot water geysers, choking of pipes, and any home appliance that uses water.

Services for ETP,STP and WTP include the following:
  • Operation & Maintenance of treatment facilities for STP, ETP and WTP by resource with relevant experience.
  • Responsibility to bring in to notice of the management any damage or repairs to plant equipment and parts.
  • Maintain the operating log books and reports of the plant and report performance issues.
  • Preventive maintenance & Inspection of the plant on a monthly basis and based on periodic appraisals

Generators and Transformers

Generator and Transformers also require maintenance for optimized performance. Maintenance of these reduce the burden on the maintenance charges that the occupants pay. We also assist in upping and optimising the performance and related expense to the end user. Our technicians / electricians would address these issues 24/7 on site.

Swimming Pools

If your pool water isn’t moving due to pump or filter not working, the pool becomes a breeding ground for algae and bacteria which leads to recreational water illnesses (RWIs) among the users. Pool staff plays a key role in assuring the health of users by maintaining chlorine levels and pH level of the water. Our staff are competent to maintain the pool and the associated circulatory, cleaning and filtration systems.

Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

We provide expert caretakers for the gardening and maintenance of the flora. Gardening requires a lot of skills to maintain artificially or naturally occurring green areas and plants along the landscaped area. Our Gardeners are specially trained to perform the tasks.

  • • Soil Type at the location
  • • Types of plants, shrubs and trees – indoor and outdoor
  • • Grass landscapes and types of care
  • • Flowering plants
  • • Fruit Trees